Мощь Groovy: Reading URL Content

Groovy adds some methods to the URL class which make reading data from an URL easy. For example the text property returns the complete contents of the document that is identified by the URL. Or we can use the eachLine() method to loop through each line of the document. Groovy also adds a toURL() to the String class to make a URL object.

def url = "http://www.mrhaki.com/url.html".toURL()

assert '''\
     Simple test document
     for testing URL extensions
     in Groovy.
''' == url.text

def result = []
    url.eachLine {
        if (it =~ /Groovy/) {
        result << it
assert ['in Groovy.'] == result

url.withReader { reader ->
    assert 'Simple test document' == reader.readLine()

That’s all, just simple.