Sergey Pirogov

General info

about me

Senior Software Test Automation Engineer with technical Master Degree in sphere of Information Security.

My main specialization is functional automation testing of web applications. Also I have experience in performance testing.

Like to contribute to and work with open-source tools. Experienced in starting Test Automation for project from scratch. Lead the team of three people. Have strong expertise of building CI process for test automation. Productive in both team-based and self-managed tasks. Passionate about Java/Groovy language, also have experience work with Python. Good knowledge of relational databases. Worked with Unix and Windows operating systems.

Conference Speaker

Technical Skills

  • Languages: Java/Groovy, Python

  • Tools: Selenium WebDriver(Selenide, Geb, Selene), JBehave, Docker

  • Build Tools: Maven, Gradle

  • VCS: SVN, Perforce, Git

  • CI Tool: Jenkins CI

  • Testing Frameworks: JUnit, TestNG, Spock, py.test

  • Operating Systems: Windows, Unix, Mac OS

  • Databases: Oracle, MySQl, PostgreSQL, SQL Server